Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Snowing!

I have been talking to the kids about fall, and have pointed out how the trees are starting to change colors.  They have been keeping a close eye on the tree in our yard, just outside our front window.  The other day, it was very windy, and the kids were calling for my attention to come and see!  The neighbor’s tree was losing most of its leave,s and they were scattered all over the street.  The kids must be anxious for cold weather, they told me it was winter and that the leaves were snow!  It won’t be long until most of the leaves are on the ground, and we can jump in a pile of leaves. 

Nice to Meet You

Like I’ve mentioned before, one of the highlights at church is when the kids get to shake hands with other people.  We have been practing, “Nice to meet you.”  They really like to shake each other’s hands, and ours, and say, “Meet you, meet you!”  They say it really fast, and are usually laughing when they say it.  It makes me laugh, because it almost sounds Chinese!

Addy Say, Brus Say

When we are practicing new words, we are constantly saying, Brooks say xxxx, or Adlyn say xxxx.  Sometimes they want each other to try new words.  Adlyn and Brooks refer to Adlyn as “Addy”.  Brooks and Adlyn refer to Brooks as “Brus”.  We hear them tell each other, “Brus say,” or “Addy say.”  It is fun to see them interact and talk to one another.  And by the way, usually when they tell each other to say something, the other one will refuse to repeat the phrase!

Hi Mom, Hi Dad

Just last week we heard such an enjoyable phrase!  Brooks, and Adlyn, started to greet us by saying, “Hi Mom” or “Hi Dad”.  This may not mean much to someone else, but to me, it meant the world!  Their tone of voice was precious and it has been great to hear those two words!  It wasn’t until last fall that the kids started to say Mom and Dad and actually have it mean Mom and Dad.  They could say the word, but it wasn’t associated with anything.  We are making huge progress!  I can't wait for more words to come.  Adlyn has been saying, "Love you, Mom," and it makes my heart melt!

See Jerry

Our neighbors got a new dog, Mocha.  It is a chocolate lab, about 1 ½ years old.  For the most part, it is a calm and enjoyable dog, and does well with the kids.  Yesterday Zach and the kids were visiting our neighbors and Mo-Mo was persistently licking Brooks and Adlyn’s faces.  Brooks sat down on Jerry’s bean bag, and Mo-Mo approached him.  Brooks told Mo, “See Jerry!”  He had enough of his licking. 

Horsie Hat

As we drove through town yesterday, Brooks noticed a carving of a cowboy.  Brooks told us he was wearing a ‘Horsie Hat’, instead of a cowboy hat.  It was pretty cute!