Monday, September 24, 2012

Are you sure about that?

After talking with Adlyn, she often ends the conversation with, "Are you sure about that?".  She says it in a very serious tone, with a puzzled look on her face.

Zach said the other day when I was out running, Adlyn saw me through the window.  Zach told her that I would be back once I come back down the street.  Adlyn looked at him and said, "Are you sure about that, Dad?". 

Oh, Chicken Feathers!

Last week, the kids started to say really funny phrases, which I think are quite odd.  Both of them are saying, "Oh, chicken feathers," when they are frustrated, or when they just want to laugh.  I think it could come from one of two sources:
1.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Pete says a lot of strange things.
2.  Babysitter - Perhaps these are used in place of a cuss word? 

Either way, they haven't meant any harm and they both think they are being hilarious.

Field Trip on the Yellow School Bus

Last Friday, the kids had their first field trip in a yellow school bus!  I was able to take the morning off so I could go with them.  A&B were surprised to learn that the seats don't have seat belts, or car seats!  They both sat with me on the way to the apple orchard.  Brooks took the window seat, Adlyn was in the middle, and I was at the aisle.  They talked the whole way to the orchard and enjoyed their bus ride. 

We were about a week too late at the apple orchard.  Most of the apples were starting to rot, or were full of worm holes.  We managed to find some good apples and both A&B ate some on-site.  Brooks was really excited to try an apple picker, and he did quite well!  He controlled the long pole with ease.  The class was going to make applesauce back at their school.

A lot of parents came with their children on the field trip.  They had snack time on the picnic tables, and played Apple, Apple, Orange (Duck, Duck, Goose) before they hopped back on the bus.  On the way home, Brooks chose to sit with another kid, and Adlyn and I found a seat together.

I'm looking forward to helping their class during their upcoming field trips!  For Brooks and Adlyn, I'm sensing this is a first field trip of many to come.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zoo Time

We took another trip to the zoo this summer with Grandma.  It was a wonderful day trip to SLC.  We were all excited to see the new exhibit "Rocky Shores".  The best part about the trip was the polar bear and seals.  The kids also like the train and carousel.  We plan to go to the zoo again this fall.  We'll bring Dad and Grandpa with us at that time so they can see the new animals.

Adlyn paints like an elephant with a noodle.

The seals were coming up to the glass!

Watching the polar bear do tricks.

The tigers were in the water on this hot day.

Adlyn the Turtle

Adlyn in a Dino Egg

Spider Web

Eating lunch in the park.

On the carousel.

Climbing on a bronze.
Brooks paints like an elephant.

On the zoo train.

A&B play with hula hoops at the zoo.

Where am I going today?

Poor kids...nearly every morning they ask me, "Where am I going today?"

Well, to one of your two schools in the morning, depending on the day, and I'll be taking you to school.

A&B ask, "Who's picking me up?"

Well, the answer could be me, the babysitter, or the backup babysitter.

A&B ask, "Where am I going after school?"

Well, the answer could be the babysitter, to our house with the backup babysitter, or at home with me.

A&B ask, "Who's pick me up at the babysitter?"

Well, it is usually Dad, or sometimes Mom.

To tell you the truth, there is a calendar on the fridge that details the daily schedule.  If the kids were a little older, they might be able to understand the logistics.  Until then, I'll just update them each morning when they ask, and assure them that someone will be there to pick them up, wherever they may be.


By Brooks Even
Setting:  Even Basement, all cast members present, Brooks holding a curtain rod.

Brooks:  Dad, are you old?
Zach:  Well, yeah, kinda...?  (puzzled)
Brooks:  Dad, are you real old?
Zach:  Well, not that old.  (puzzled)
Anne & Zach:  (laughing)
Adlyn:  Why you laughing?
Brooks:  Dad, you need this.  (Handing Dad a curtain rod.)
Zach:  (silent, puzzled)
Brooks:  To help you walk.
Zach:  Oh, like a cane!
Anne & Zach:  (laughing)
Zach:  Where did he learn that?
Anne:  Well, the only thing I can think of is when I dropped the kids off at preschool the other day.  (Located next to a senior housing area.)  Brooks saw an older man with a walker on the sidewalk and he asked me what it was.  I told him it was a walker, and sometimes when people get older, they need help walking.

(Close curtain) 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How Long is School?

Brooks keeps asking me how long he has to go to school.  I told him until Christmas time, and then he gets a big break.  It is quite an adjustment from doing your own thing all summer to switching to structure and routine, every Monday through Friday. 
I figured it isn't a good thing to tell him that he will really be going to school for the next 19 years.  That seems a little far out for a three year old to comprehend.  Until then, we'll stick to the Christmas timeline.

First Day of the Other School

A&B are enrolled in two preschools this fall.  Yesterday they had their first day at the school they went to last semester.  It was a very easy transition, no tears.  In fact, they were genuinely excited to see their teachers and be back to a familiar place.  A&B were the only returning kids from last semester in their classroom, so, they were the experts.  The teachers said they were very good helpers and fell into routine quickly.  I hope they meet some new friends, but they missed not seeing two of their old friends.

The kids still call one of their teachers Miss Ham.
If you might remember from last January, they thought her name was Miss Ham, not Miss Pam.  Nothing has changed, and I hope she is ok with it!  I'm glad the kids were in school last semester, as it has made the transition this fall very easy.

Ice Cream Date

We went out for an Ice Cream Date this weekend and Brooks was cold from eating his ice cream.  He told me his teeth were wiggling because he was so cold!


Last Thursday, we needed to clean the house before the babysitter arrived to meet the kids.  After work, I told Adlyn, "Can you help me pick up the house?"  She responded, "But its too heavy!"  What a goof.  I then clarified that we needed to pick up the mess in the house. 

Family Pic

Last week, the kids needed to bring a picture of themselves and their family for an "All About Me" poster at preschool.  It was getting late, and the kids and I went downstairs to look at pictures that Dad could print for us.  It didn't take long for me to realize that we didn't have any good family pictures.  We didn't have a lot to pick from, and if we did have one, one of the four of us were not looking at the camera or happy.  I told Brooks that we didn't have any good family pictures.

He responded, "Maybe we need to go to the art show and get one."  I thought about his response, and it made a lot of sense.  He knew that when we visit the art show openings that take place in town every 6-8 weeks, that they have really good pictures there.  So, he was telling me that we could find a good picture at the art center.  Clever! 

Today when I took the kids to school I noticed their poster hanging on the wall.  It was cute to see their responses.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Brooks:  A Daddy
Adlyn:  A Mommy
What is your favorite food?
Brooks:  Popcorn
Adlyn:  Popcorn
What is your favorite animal/pet?
Brooks:  Dinosaurs and Mice
Adlyn:  Monkeys

I look forward to posting a picture of their poster once they bring them home.