Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zoo Time

We took another trip to the zoo this summer with Grandma.  It was a wonderful day trip to SLC.  We were all excited to see the new exhibit "Rocky Shores".  The best part about the trip was the polar bear and seals.  The kids also like the train and carousel.  We plan to go to the zoo again this fall.  We'll bring Dad and Grandpa with us at that time so they can see the new animals.

Adlyn paints like an elephant with a noodle.

The seals were coming up to the glass!

Watching the polar bear do tricks.

The tigers were in the water on this hot day.

Adlyn the Turtle

Adlyn in a Dino Egg

Spider Web

Eating lunch in the park.

On the carousel.

Climbing on a bronze.
Brooks paints like an elephant.

On the zoo train.

A&B play with hula hoops at the zoo.

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