Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sick Kid

Brooks stayed home from school today after he had a temp of 104.5 yesterday afternoon.  As Adlyn left for school, she told Brooks, "Have a good rest!"  It was pretty sweet, and she did great at school all by herself.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy

Adlyn:  What is Linus going to do with his blanket when he gets bigger.
Anne:  I have no idea.
Brooks (enters the room after hearing the conversation):  He's going to make it into a sport coat.

I'm pretty sure Brooks has no idea what a sport coat is, but he must pay better attention to the words in the show than I do!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Zach said that Adlyn told him a joke the other day.
Adlyn:  Do you know what Santa gives you if you have been bad?
Zach:  I don't know.
Adlyn:  A book about manners.
Zach:  Where did you learn that?
Adlyn:  I made it up.
I though it was funny!

Moon Cloud

On the way to school today, Adlyn asked me why the moon turns into a moon cloud in the morning.  So, I looked at the moon and realized that it does have a white cloud like look, and I understood her question.  I didn't have a great explanation for her, but I could follow her thought process!