Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The kids make up their own Spanish words.  Brooks will say, "Kinder is how you say Kindergarten in Spanish."  Or, they make up some non-sense word and come up with a Spanish translation.

Dentist Day

Tomorrow, Mr. B. will get his tooth pulled.  It makes me sad.

Tonight, I was reading the kids "Pete the Cat, Rocking in my School Shoes".  I made up a part at the end about Pete going to the dentist to get his tooth taken out.  I said, "Does Pete worry?"  Brooks said, "Goodness, yes!"  We all laughed!  The books always responds with a, "Goodness, no!"

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Request from Brooks

Last night, when Brooks should have been sleeping, he found some books that he hasn't read in a long time.  He asked me if I would read him the stories.  I told him that I would in the morning.  He said, "Read the book as soon as you wake up.  Don't wash any dishes or talk to anyone on the phone, just read the book."  Ok, sir!  It wasn't fun for me to hear him summarize what I do!  I really don't talk on the phone very much, so I'm not for sure why he said that.  And, there is nothing I dread more than washing dishes.  I'd pick reading him a book over doing the dishes any day of the week.

Talking to a Grown Up

Zach and the kids were outside one evening this week.  Zach went to help Brooks with his tricycle that he had placed on top of skis in the last remaining snow patch in the yard.  In the meantime, Adlyn walked up to Neighbor Jerry by the fence and said, "How have your two dogs been doing?"  Jerry thought it was very funny of her to be having such a grown up conversation, and told Zach all about it.

Last night when we were out riding bikes, Adlyn saw the pizza delivery man taking a pizza up to a house.  As she was riding, she said, "Hi Pizza Guy."  Luckily, he didn't hear her!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We've had snow every week this month.  April always seems to be a snowy month for us!

The kids have enjoyed the snow, and we even got a snow day this month!  The kids have been great at helping shovel.  We have also been lucky that our neighbor has come over to help us dig out.  On the snow day, we shoveled for about 2 1/2 hours, and didn't get a start to the back driveway. 

Every day, the kids are very eager to ride their bikes.  It doesn't matter if it is snowing or raining, they want to ride their bikes.  Zach has been doing great at taking them for a long ride, nearly every day. 


The kids joined me during a 5K run this past weekend in town.  The run was a fundraiser for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and also served as a Boston remembrance run.  There was an excellent turnout for the event.  I pushed A&B in the stroller, and several times they hopped out to run along with me.  We finished in 32 minutes.  I'm pretty confident that Brooks ran the last half mile.  Adlyn conserved her energy by riding in the stroller, but, hopped out at the very end to sprint and beat Brooks and I.  As soon as we finished, she said, "Did we win?"  Well, we didn't, but we had a lot of fun and it was a perfect morning and a great course.  I look forward to running with them again in the future.


The kids went to their first birthday party this month at the children's museum.  They had a great time and had a lot of fun making birthday cards for the birthday girl before the party.  I think the party made Mr. B tired.  By 6 PM, he went to bed and didn't wake up until the next morning.  Adlyn was excited to wear her tutu to the party.  I was glad the girl's mom allowed me to stay and help out.  I don't think A&B would have stayed without me there. 

Fishing off the Loft

A few weeks ago, Brooks requested their fishing poles from their boat to be used on the loft.  Zach made them a paperclip hook so they could catch their toys with their poles.  It was fun to watch Brooks and Adlyn work together to climb down and hook up a toy, and reel it in.  If it was a heavy item, they would both place their hooks on the item and reel it up with teamwork.

It is fun to watch them interact and play together.

Chip Off the Ol' Tooth

Brooks took a chip off his front tooth today while riding his trike to the park.  Ugh.

It still makes me sick to my stomach.  Zach handled the ordeal and took Brooks to the dentist.  Poor kid, I feel so bad for him.  The dentist is recommending we get it pulled, but wants to wait a week for the swelling to go down to make a decision.  His lips are quite swollen, and he has a lot of scrapes on his face.  I haven't been able to get a close look at his tooth, but it doesn't look great.  Zach said it is loose and wiggly.  I really hope we don't have to get it pulled.  I don't want to put him through it.

The little guy looks so sad.  I know he doesn't want anything to happen to his tooth, and Zach said he started to cry when the dentist recommended that they pull it.  Adlyn also feels bad for Brooks. 

We'll see how the next few days go.


Last week, Brooks must have been looking for a change.

In the tub, Adlyn always sits on the right, Brooks sits on the left.  Then, one evening, Brooks decided to switch it up.  Adlyn agreed, hesitantly. 

Then, that night, Brooks swapped sides of the bed with Adlyn.  They haven't switched back yet!  Now, Brooks is on the right and Adlyn is on the left.

I'm not for sure what inspired him to make the change, but it didn't seem to cause too much disruption in their life.

Early April Fishing

This post is written by Zach.  He took the kids out fishing in early April.

So much for my nice clean boat that was just waxed and all the carpet shampooed... Kids never once complained, and before we knew it nine hours on the lake had past. If I got so much as a bite the kids would have the net in the water, ready to go. Brooks reeled one all the way up from 70' all by himself. Took a couple beach stops so the kids could play, get good and muddy, and throw crackers to the "eagles" (seagulls). They both fell asleep on the ride back to the ramp, and Brooks never woke up until 7:00 this morning. No monsters, just monster fun.

Friday, April 19, 2013


The kids have asked me a few questions this week.  I didn't have a good answer for some of them.

Who drives the shooting stars?
What is the moon made out of?
What is the earth made out of?

Are there any animals that don't have eyes?


Zach and the kids were out riding bikes today.  They were approaching a man who was walking his large standard poodle.  Judging by the mannerisms of the man and the poodle, he was obviously very proud of his purebred.

Adlyn:  Dad, do you see that ugly dog?
(Zach ignored her, on purpose.)
Adlyn:  (louder) Dad, do you see that ugly dog?
(By now, they are next to the man and his dog.  By the expression on his face, the man obviously didn't see the humor in the situation.  Now, they are just past the man.)
Adlyn:  DAD, do you see that ugly dog?

Obviously, she was speaking her mind, and there was no filter.  Poor poodle.  Poor man.  Adlyn couldn't understand why Zach was laughing.

I think this is the first poodle she has ever observed.