Friday, April 19, 2013


Zach and the kids were out riding bikes today.  They were approaching a man who was walking his large standard poodle.  Judging by the mannerisms of the man and the poodle, he was obviously very proud of his purebred.

Adlyn:  Dad, do you see that ugly dog?
(Zach ignored her, on purpose.)
Adlyn:  (louder) Dad, do you see that ugly dog?
(By now, they are next to the man and his dog.  By the expression on his face, the man obviously didn't see the humor in the situation.  Now, they are just past the man.)
Adlyn:  DAD, do you see that ugly dog?

Obviously, she was speaking her mind, and there was no filter.  Poor poodle.  Poor man.  Adlyn couldn't understand why Zach was laughing.

I think this is the first poodle she has ever observed.

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