Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Tree

The day before Thanksgiving, we put up the tree.  I'm the person who prefers to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas, but the timing just worked out differently this year.

The kids were very helpful, but it took about 5 times longer then it should have!

Zach got the tree down for us and helped us haul it inside.  The kids unpacked the tree as Zach and I went back for the ornaments.  The tree is a little old, and all the branches aren't exactly color coded any more.  So, I rely on how I group them in the box to figure out where they go.  But, the kids had most of the branches out by the time I got back inside.  We had a wonderful time unsorting the branches.

As I put up the last of the branches, the kids started to untangle the lights.  I spent a lot of time trying to untangle their tangles.  But, it was all fun.  As I finished putting on the lights, the kids were unpacking the ornaments.  I didn't have a hang a single ornament!  They had them all up in no time.  Now, they were almost all on the bottom half of the tree, but they did a great job.  I moved the breakable ornaments towards the top.

The tree was done and it looked pretty good!  I was able to finish the tree skirt over Thanksgiving break.  It looks beautiful, and it is fun to look at it and know the kids had such a big part in the project.

The 3rd Thanksgiving

Well, Zach got sick just prior to Thanksgiving, and I got sick on Thanksgiving Eve and on Thanksgiving.  Needless to say, we stayed home, and didn't have a single thing on hand to make a Thanksgiving dinner. 

So, no turkey for the kiddos!  Instead, we had steak tacos, which turned out pretty good.  So much for tradition!  Either way, we made the best of the day.  They made graham cracker ginger bread houses, which lasted all of about 10 minutes.  It was more fun to knock them down then to build them.  They used frosting and gummy worms, just like on the show Max and Ruby. 

We put up the tree the day before Thanksgiving because we were home.  Thanksgiving day felt more like Christmas day. 


Brooks was really enjoying playing with the goose, duck, and deer calls tonight.  Then, he brought them upstairs when Adlyn was watching Snoopy dog on my computer.  He sat down next to her and I observed the following conversation from another room.

Brooks:  (makes various noises on his calls)
Adlyn:  Brooks, that hurts my ears.
Brooks:  (still makes the noise)
Adlyn:  Brooks, just go back downstairs.
Brooks:  Ok.  (tries to make the noise quietly, but it is still noisy)
Adlyn:  Brooks, I can't hear my show.  Just go downstairs. 

Brooks did finally put the calls on the coffee table and let her be.  It was funny to hear her handle that like a grown up!

His Side of the Story

So, I used to have a kid who LOVED school.  He used to run down the hallway and was ready to go before I even entered the classroom.  Now, I have two kids who don't like to go to school.  It has been a really fun two weeks...not really.

Brooks doesn't like the snack, doesn't like milk, and doesn't want to do anything related to school.  So, the night before, he tells me, "I just know I'm going to cry there, I just know I am."  Great.  And, he does.

Tonight I told Zach about the on-going morning drama and he asked Brooks about it.  Brooks said he did cry at school today (and he did) and then followed up with, "My teacher doesn't mind."  Wow - how grown up of him!  He knows he is going to cry, he does, and he is confident that his teacher doesn't mind that he cries. 

I hope we move out of this stage soon.  And on the opposite side, I think Adlyn is starting to like school again, but is apprehensive because Brooks is being dramatic. 

I'm really ready for both of them to be positive about school again!  It makes the morning go much smoother that way. 

For tomorrow, I have a new idea I'm going to implement...and I'll let you know if it works (or fails!).

Friday, November 23, 2012

Surely to be Misinterpreted

One morning, not so long ago...
Oddly, Adlyn wasn't the first one awake.  Brooks, Zach, and I were up and getting ready for work and school.  Adlyn comes into the room, obviously frustrated and grumpy.

Adlyn:  "Mom, why you keep beating me up?"

Mom:  (Puzzled, but knowing what she really meant.)

Adlyn:  "Mom, sometime I want to beat you up!"

Mom:  "Adlyn, you are almost always the first one up, today you just slept a little longer."

I'm sure that to an outsider, that conversation sounded horrible!

Count on Me

Adlyn was wearing Zach's headlamp the other night.  Zach mentioned he was going into the closet, and Adlyn told him to keep the light off and she would go in with him with the headlamp.  Then she told Zach, "You can count on me!"  Cute kid.


Brooks says, "I begot," instead of, "I forgot". 

What to do if there is a fire...

In October, the kids learned about fire safety in preschool.  Brooks has told me what to do in case there is a fire - toss and turn.  I guess that is the abbreviated version of stop, drop, and roll. 

Snoopy & Woodstock

The kids really liked watching Snoopy on TV on Thanksgiving Eve.  They were laughing a lot during the scene of the lawn chair.

Today we were attempting some Black Friday shopping in town, and Adlyn spotted an outdoor Christmas decoration of Woodstock, Snoopy's bird friend.  Except, Adlyn called him Tree Branch instead of Woodstock.  Close enough...either way, I thought it was funny, and I knew what she meant!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


For the past week or so, Adlyn has been calling me "Anne".  It doesn't bother me, and I'm sure it is just a phase.  She will also call dad, "Zach".

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snack Time

Yesterday, Brooks told me that they had green broccoli and white broccoli for snack time at school.  (I'm guessing that he meant cauliflower?)

Today, A&B were in charge of bring the snacks to school, along with show and tell.  We brought carrots and apples with caramel dip.  The kids weren't thrilled about the caramel dip that I made.  Adlyn sounded like a teenager this morning as she told me, "Mom, just don't bring it."  Well, I'm glad that I did.  When I picked up the kids from school, Brooks told me, "Mom, the kids at school sooo liked that caramel dip."  (And the teacher did, too!) 

For show and tell, Brooks brought this life-like white rat that he found on my desk at work last week.  It was a Halloween decoration, but he's been carrying that rat with him everywhere we go!  Last night, he slept with the rat so he would remember to bring it to school.  Adlyn brought her stuffed monkey with velcro arms and legs.  For the past few weeks, she brings it school, but leaves it in her backpack.  It 'babysits' her while she is at school.  Last week, I made the mistake of taking it out of her backpack one morning.  She cried even more than normal when I dropped her off.  I won't forget that again!

Brooks is really, really loving school.  Today, he wanted to go to school as soon as he woke up.  Adlyn has been reluctant the past few weeks.  Brooks is very eager to hang up his backpack and coat and start playing.  They love playing with the shopping cart and stroller at one school, and at the other school, he really likes the tractor.  Brooks also made a new friend at school this week.  Brooks calls him a baby, even though he is three.  From what I gather, the little boy has been coming with his mom until he felt adjusted.  This week, the boy started to come by himself.  Brooks told me that he didn't cry this week, and he didn't even throw his food at snack time or have to have his mom feed him.  Either way, he seems like a sweet little boy, and I'm glad Brooks has a new boy to play with in his class.  On Monday morning, Brooks waved at him when he came into the class. 

Yesterday, the kiddos both got a big sticker at school!!!  They were the only ones helping with zoo phonics, and they now know most of the animals and sounds.  I'm very proud of them!!!  Their teachers were very happy to see them participate and help.