Thursday, November 29, 2012

His Side of the Story

So, I used to have a kid who LOVED school.  He used to run down the hallway and was ready to go before I even entered the classroom.  Now, I have two kids who don't like to go to school.  It has been a really fun two weeks...not really.

Brooks doesn't like the snack, doesn't like milk, and doesn't want to do anything related to school.  So, the night before, he tells me, "I just know I'm going to cry there, I just know I am."  Great.  And, he does.

Tonight I told Zach about the on-going morning drama and he asked Brooks about it.  Brooks said he did cry at school today (and he did) and then followed up with, "My teacher doesn't mind."  Wow - how grown up of him!  He knows he is going to cry, he does, and he is confident that his teacher doesn't mind that he cries. 

I hope we move out of this stage soon.  And on the opposite side, I think Adlyn is starting to like school again, but is apprehensive because Brooks is being dramatic. 

I'm really ready for both of them to be positive about school again!  It makes the morning go much smoother that way. 

For tomorrow, I have a new idea I'm going to implement...and I'll let you know if it works (or fails!).

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