Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snack Time

Yesterday, Brooks told me that they had green broccoli and white broccoli for snack time at school.  (I'm guessing that he meant cauliflower?)

Today, A&B were in charge of bring the snacks to school, along with show and tell.  We brought carrots and apples with caramel dip.  The kids weren't thrilled about the caramel dip that I made.  Adlyn sounded like a teenager this morning as she told me, "Mom, just don't bring it."  Well, I'm glad that I did.  When I picked up the kids from school, Brooks told me, "Mom, the kids at school sooo liked that caramel dip."  (And the teacher did, too!) 

For show and tell, Brooks brought this life-like white rat that he found on my desk at work last week.  It was a Halloween decoration, but he's been carrying that rat with him everywhere we go!  Last night, he slept with the rat so he would remember to bring it to school.  Adlyn brought her stuffed monkey with velcro arms and legs.  For the past few weeks, she brings it school, but leaves it in her backpack.  It 'babysits' her while she is at school.  Last week, I made the mistake of taking it out of her backpack one morning.  She cried even more than normal when I dropped her off.  I won't forget that again!

Brooks is really, really loving school.  Today, he wanted to go to school as soon as he woke up.  Adlyn has been reluctant the past few weeks.  Brooks is very eager to hang up his backpack and coat and start playing.  They love playing with the shopping cart and stroller at one school, and at the other school, he really likes the tractor.  Brooks also made a new friend at school this week.  Brooks calls him a baby, even though he is three.  From what I gather, the little boy has been coming with his mom until he felt adjusted.  This week, the boy started to come by himself.  Brooks told me that he didn't cry this week, and he didn't even throw his food at snack time or have to have his mom feed him.  Either way, he seems like a sweet little boy, and I'm glad Brooks has a new boy to play with in his class.  On Monday morning, Brooks waved at him when he came into the class. 

Yesterday, the kiddos both got a big sticker at school!!!  They were the only ones helping with zoo phonics, and they now know most of the animals and sounds.  I'm very proud of them!!!  Their teachers were very happy to see them participate and help.

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