Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Where am I going today?

Poor kids...nearly every morning they ask me, "Where am I going today?"

Well, to one of your two schools in the morning, depending on the day, and I'll be taking you to school.

A&B ask, "Who's picking me up?"

Well, the answer could be me, the babysitter, or the backup babysitter.

A&B ask, "Where am I going after school?"

Well, the answer could be the babysitter, to our house with the backup babysitter, or at home with me.

A&B ask, "Who's pick me up at the babysitter?"

Well, it is usually Dad, or sometimes Mom.

To tell you the truth, there is a calendar on the fridge that details the daily schedule.  If the kids were a little older, they might be able to understand the logistics.  Until then, I'll just update them each morning when they ask, and assure them that someone will be there to pick them up, wherever they may be.

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