Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of the Other School

A&B are enrolled in two preschools this fall.  Yesterday they had their first day at the school they went to last semester.  It was a very easy transition, no tears.  In fact, they were genuinely excited to see their teachers and be back to a familiar place.  A&B were the only returning kids from last semester in their classroom, so, they were the experts.  The teachers said they were very good helpers and fell into routine quickly.  I hope they meet some new friends, but they missed not seeing two of their old friends.

The kids still call one of their teachers Miss Ham.
If you might remember from last January, they thought her name was Miss Ham, not Miss Pam.  Nothing has changed, and I hope she is ok with it!  I'm glad the kids were in school last semester, as it has made the transition this fall very easy.

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