Monday, September 24, 2012

Field Trip on the Yellow School Bus

Last Friday, the kids had their first field trip in a yellow school bus!  I was able to take the morning off so I could go with them.  A&B were surprised to learn that the seats don't have seat belts, or car seats!  They both sat with me on the way to the apple orchard.  Brooks took the window seat, Adlyn was in the middle, and I was at the aisle.  They talked the whole way to the orchard and enjoyed their bus ride. 

We were about a week too late at the apple orchard.  Most of the apples were starting to rot, or were full of worm holes.  We managed to find some good apples and both A&B ate some on-site.  Brooks was really excited to try an apple picker, and he did quite well!  He controlled the long pole with ease.  The class was going to make applesauce back at their school.

A lot of parents came with their children on the field trip.  They had snack time on the picnic tables, and played Apple, Apple, Orange (Duck, Duck, Goose) before they hopped back on the bus.  On the way home, Brooks chose to sit with another kid, and Adlyn and I found a seat together.

I'm looking forward to helping their class during their upcoming field trips!  For Brooks and Adlyn, I'm sensing this is a first field trip of many to come.

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