Friday, April 27, 2012

Dirt Cake

A&B have now enjoyed their first dirt cake.  How delicious!  They didn't eat very much, but I finished it for them. 

We mixed up the chocolate pudding and they were great helpers.  Zach put some Oreos in a bag so the kids could crush them.  Brooks was interested in the Oreos, and was suprised to see they were stuck together.  It made me realize that at the age of three, he has never had an Oreo before!  Zach put the bag on the floor so the kids could stomp on them.  Brooks threw his Oreo on the floor and stepped on it.  Ahhhh!  I cleaned up that mess.  He was only doing what he was told! 

We sprinkled the crushed Oreos on the puddding and added the worms.  What a great treat!

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