Saturday, December 31, 2011

Birthday #3

The kids had a great 3rd birthday this month, and we had friends and family over to help celebrate.  Both of them were happy all evening.  The soup was delicious, and the whoopie pies turned out great.  It is a great day to reflect on their birth and it makes me smile.  Happy Birthday Brooks & Adlyn!

Brooks takes a big bite of his whoopie pie
(chocolate cookies, coconut filling, and snowflake
sprinkles) while Adlyn looks on.

Happy Birthday Adlyn!

Whoopie Pie fillings - caramel, peanut butter,
chocolate, and coconut.

Brooks and Adlyn are wearing the shirts I made
for them.  I also made Adlyn a tutu.

Adlyn loves to draw and color.

A&B playing with their new train.

Thanks for the robe Grandma!

Thanks for the robe Grandma!

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