Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ice Skating

We live in a beautiful town, and they flood the ball field at the park during the winter to turn it into a skating rink.  This was something I wasn't exposed to as a kid, so I wanted to make sure Brooks and Adlyn were comfortable with it at a young age.

Zach and I took the kids to the skating rink this month, and luckily, they had skates to fit them.  They were eager to try the snow sport and although we weren't at the rink for long, it was well worth it.  They could 'skate' if we held their hands, and they both stood for a short time while wearing their skates.  I think we'll give it another year before we try it again, but I'm glad they gave it a try.  Nobody fell, and it wasn't a horrible experience for either of them.

After skating, we went to the park, although it was covered with snow.  They enjoyed the tire swing, and we took some video of them.  As they swing, they love to say happy birthday!  Brooks and Adlyn made snow angels with Dad. 

We haven't been sledding this winter, but we hope to go after the first of the year.

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