Friday, January 6, 2012

The Days Before Christmas

The days before Christmas I was up much later than usual.  Christmas gets the best of me.  I tend to delay everything, thinking it might all magically get done.  I wouldn’t call myself a procrastinator, but when it comes to holidays and special events, I tend to stall. 
Wednesday night I worked late, as I watched it snow about 12 inches in town.  It was a beautiful snow!  It is hard for me to go directly to bed after working late.  You have to wind down for a while before your mind can relax.  I stayed up late and sewed Brooks and Adlyn a scarf for Christmas.  What should be a 30 minute project lasted much longer.  If I can say anything, it is if there is a simple task, it was take Zach and I three times as long because if something can go wrong, it does.  I cut the last piece of Brooks’s scarf about 1 inch shorter than the other pieces, therefore I had to go back and trim the rest.  Then, as I went to sew the pieces together, I was about 1 ½ inches off.  Mink fabric isn’t easy to sew, it is very slippery, and I’m guessing something went wrong with the tension and the feeder to cause the error.  So, I trimmed it again.  By now, the scarf was getting as short as I wanted it to be.  I finished wrapping the presents that night, and washed their new blankets and tied them with the scarf.  Off to bed.
On Thursday, Zach encountered a weightlifting/snow shoveling disaster and messed up his back. He laid down most of the day.  Therefore, when I got home from work, there was 9 hours of mess to clean up from Brooks and Adlyn.  Downstairs, they dumped a large bag of mozzarella cheese.  I found nearly every upstairs toy down in the basement.  Zach said they were playing “Santa’s Sleigh”.  One by one, they filled a little wagon with toys for all the girls and boys.   I’m glad they were being so kind, but, maybe Santa could pick up all the toys for mom.  Of course I was annoyed, but I can understand.  Zach could barely walk, he had to crawl to get up the stairs, and how could I expect him to pick up after them?
On Friday, I had to be out of town.  Looking back, I should have hired a sitter.  Zach was still laid up.  I got home at about 8 PM, and was absolutely exhausted.  I really didn’t want to walk into another disastrous house, but I did.  They emptied the entire cupboard of towels, washcloths, and bedding.  They also emptied out our sock drawers.  I got the kids ready for bed, and then, cleaned up the house.  I can’t go to sleep knowing everything is a disaster.

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