Friday, January 6, 2012

The Tenth Day of Christmas

It is the last day of my Christmas vacation and Brooks and Adlyn’s first day of preschool.  I was glad to be home today so I could take them to school with Zach.  We were up and ready, and got to school on time.  We stayed with them for about ten minutes and they were doing great.  They were playing well and we said our goodbyes.  Both of them were happy and it seemed perfect.
We came back to the house and I unpacked everything from the night before.  It was odd to be at home without the kids in the house.  It wasn’t hard on me because the transition seemed to go well.  We were both excited to go and pick them up.
Zach and I arrived about 5 minutes early and saw Adlyn on the teeter-totter as we pulled into the parking lot.  Zach took a peek and she was playing with her friend, Brooks.  He said they looked happy.  We went inside and looked forward to talking to the teaching assistant, Pam.  She told us it was horrible, and I just looked at her and thought she was joking.  But, she was right.  As soon as free play ended, Adlyn became teary eyed and sad.  Shortly after that, Brooks noticed her tears and began to cry as well.  They took turns crying and didn’t participate in any activities.  Both of them refused their milk and snack.  They wanted Mom and Dad.  Pam told us Adlyn managed to paint a picture through her tears, but that was it.  They began having fun about 10 minutes before the conclusion of the morning during outside playtime.  I was a little surprised, but as soon as we saw them, we asked them how it went.  They said they liked it, they were smiling and happy.  Maybe it was because they got an owl sticker and a gummy bear upon returning inside.  We walked to the truck, loaded them up, and asked them more questions.  They did tell us they were sad and that they cried.  Poor fellows, I felt bad for them.  We’ll try it again next week.
We came home for lunch and we all went out to run errands.  We even stopped at the fish store (Ace Hardware) so they could buy pop-a-corn (which they give away for free).  It was a great afternoon, we went to the county museum and the grocery store.  We enjoyed our last day of break together and they went to bed early.  They had a long day. 

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