Sunday, January 15, 2012

Budget Conscious Toddlers

I tend to take the kids to the grocery store with me on the weekends to give Zach a break and allow him some time to focus on his homework without interruptions.  Little did I know that Brooks and Adlyn are very observant during our time at the grocery store.  The other day, when I grabbed the large vanilla yogurt that we buy each week for our smoothies, I mentioned it was on sale.  Adlyn let out a, “Yeah, woo-hoo!”  Other times, Brooks will let out a sigh if I say something isn’t on sale and we don’t put it in our cart.  Yes, my three-year olds recognize what a sale is.  This weekend, just like many others, Brooks makes sure that we get avocados for Dad because they are his favorite.  Brooks likes to count the gallons of milk once they are in the cart.  They consume about 5 gallons of milk a week, which takes up a lot of room in the cart, and in the fridge.  They are really good kids at the grocery store and are very helpful and cooperative.  At the end, they help put the groceries on the conveyor belt for the clerk.  Depending on who does the bagging that day, they also get a sticker.  A trip to the store isn’t complete without sitting on the handicapped grocery cart scooters.  They like to sit on those for at least a few minutes before we head out the door.

It is much easier now than when they were infants.  I didn’t dare take them to the store.  How was I going to put two infant carriers in a cart and actually have room for some groceries?  I wasn’t for sure how I would handle that.  I think they were at least a year old before I took them to the store on my own.   

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