Friday, January 6, 2012

The First Day of Christmas

Christmas morning came, I was the first one up and started the crock pot of pork tenderloin, onions, and potatoes.  Adlyn woke up next and wanted cake for breakfast.  It's Christmas, she can do what she wants.  I put some in a mug-like container for her.  She smiled at me and said ‘coffee cake’.  I laughed.  This is going to be a good day. 
I started their bath water.  I went in to check on Brooks and told him Merry Christmas.  He told me it was Christmas Day and wanted to know if I could open my present.  What a kid.  He wasn’t concerned about his presents, but wanted to know if I would open the present the kids and Zach got for me.  Brooks is a little gentleman.  The kids hopped in the bath, got dressed, ate a little breakfast, and we opened presents shortly after 9 AM.  It was enjoyable, calm, and relaxing.  We spent the morning playing with Play-Doh and the ice-cream making tools and painting with watercolors.  Brooks got a little green freight train for his railroad so we built a track so he could test it out.  They liked their new blankets and scarves.  What a beautiful morning with the family. 
Zach still spent most of the day on the couch or bed, hoping to recover soon.  The kids and I went to our neighbor’s house.  They are the nicest people, and we couldn’t do it without them.  The kids have adopted them as grandparents and the kids love to go and see them.  We took them a present and spent some time visiting.  We are very lucky to have Jerry and Cheryl next door. 
In the afternoon, we watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and finished making Christmas presents for the rest of the family.  In the evening, we had our Christmas dinner, and drove around town to look at Christmas lights.  It was a beautiful Christmas day and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  It reminds me of the first Christmas the kids had in the hospital.  Even though the circumstances weren’t great, it was a perfect day.  We spent the day with our little ones, opened some presents for them, took pictures, and it was relaxing.  We took a quick trip up the mountain for Christmas dinner with my relatives, but otherwise, we spent the day with Brooks and Adlyn.  We were in our own little world, and nothing else mattered. 

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