Saturday, January 7, 2012

Confirmation that Twins Speak Their Own Language

Today we took down the Christmas tree and the kids weren’t really helping, but rather playing with all of the ornament packing materials.  They enjoyed putting small bubble wrap sacks on their feet as I un-strung the lights.  Later, Adlyn asked me for something, to me, the word sounded like chocolate.  I tried to ask her if she wanted some chocolate.  She responded with a firm NO.  Then, I thought it she might be saying stocking.  They were still hanging up at that time so I thought it might be a good fit.  Adlyn was getting frustrated, repeatedly asking for the same thing.  I had Zach come up from the basement to see if he could understand what she was saying.  To Adlyn, the word was so clear.  Zach couldn’t figure it out, so, he called Brooks over and told Adlyn to tell Brooks what she wanted.  Adlyn said the word, Brooks quickly responded with, “Oh, O.K.,” and he ran off to the living room.  Zach and I looked at each other, both thinking this is really weird.  Could he really know what she wanted?  We following him out to the living room, he was looking for something, and he found his own small bubble wrap sack and looked and Zach and I and said, “Like this.”  I found Adlyn’s bubble wrap sack in the large tote where the tree would go and I handed it to her.  She smiled and went on playing.  That was exactly what she wanted.  Interesting, neither Zach nor I had a clue what she was saying, but to Brooks, it was perfectly clear.  Twins really do speak their own language, and it is not designed for outsiders to understand.  This only confirms my belief! 

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