Friday, January 6, 2012

The Fifth Day of Christmas

Zach and I loaded up the vehicle early that morning to get ready to head to the other set of grandparents.  We enjoyed our short time with Niki and cousins Avery and Andrew around the Christmas tree.  On the way, we stopped at Cabela’s to look at a few things.  The kids both loved the elephant, and Brooks couldn’t wait to show it to Dad.  On our way through the store to find him, I ran into Stan, an old man that always worked out at the gym when Zach and I lived there.  I was happy to see him as I often think about how he is doing.  We talked for about two minutes, and Brooks lost his patience.  He had to show Dad this elephant…he ran off down the aisle.  I said a quick goodbye and Adlyn and I chased after him.  We found Dad, but he was busy looking at something, and Brooks was frustrated.  He just wanted him to know there was an elephant in this place!  I tried to sidetrack him by looking at ice shanties, and mini four wheelers.  They also had a UTV.  The kids liked to sit in it and pretend to drive, and I thought I’d put them in the back bed-like compartment.  Well, what started off as a good idea quickly turned bad!  I put Adlyn in, then Brooks.  In a split second, the bed compartment lifted up, dumped out the signage, and somehow in that time, I grabbed the kids and got them out before they crashed onto the cement floors.  Let’s just say it was a really loud bang, the metal signage broke, a salesman was there instantly, and Brooks felt horrible.  He was completely sad about the whole ordeal.  Luckily, everyone was ok, and salesman was nice, and for some reason, the bed compartment wasn’t locked and their weight was just enough to tip it up.  How embarrassing!
We hopped back on the road, only to drive directly into a gazillion mile per hour wind.  It wasn’t long and we had to stop to fill up with gas, again.  The wind was horrendous!  During our drive, we count six semi’s that were tipped over, one of those was carrying livestock.  Gravel was flying in the air and peppered our windshield.  (The next day we had four rock chips repaired!)  We cringed as it continued to hit our vehicle.  Poor car, we rarely drive it, and when we do, it is disastrous…that is a whole other story.  We made it to Zach’s mom’s house safely that night and enjoyed pizza and presents. 

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