Friday, January 6, 2012

The Fourth Day of Christmas

Today we took another walk to the post office in the morning and it was a much warmer day.  Once again, we preceded to the railroad tracks without any luck.  We also stopped at the bank to ‘buy a sucker’ and saw Aunt Lynda & Uncle Cecil on Main Street.  In the afternoon, Adlyn took a nap, and Brooks was determined to stay awake.  I tried to get out for a run, but he was clinging to me.  I convinced him to run around the block with me, but by the time we went outside, he wanted to go for a walk to see the trains.  We walked across the tracks, not a train in sight.  We went through the elevators and watched the corn rain down from above.  The corn pile was still of interest, and I didn’t mind since it allowed me to buy some time to see a train close up.  Finally, we heard a train coming.  I grabbed Brooks and we watched it go by.  He covered his ears and clenched tight as it went by.  Shortly after, we could see another one down the track.  It must have been going turtle speed because it took forever to get to town.  He was patient, and it slowly went by us.  We walked back to my parent’s house and got ready to head over to the lake for supper at a BBQ place.  Both kids were excited to go out to eat dinner, but unfortunately, Brooks crashed on our drive to the lake.  He was completely out.  I held him through our delicious dinner, and Adlyn enjoyed it as well.  Low and behold, Brooks wakes up once we buckle him in his car seat.  He had no knowledge of sleeping, and a few miles later, I told him we already went to the restaurant.  He was bummed out and sad, so we picked him up a can of black olives, one of his favorites, at our quick stop to the grocery store.  We had a nice evening with the family and we also enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights.

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