Sunday, January 15, 2012

Swim Swim Soup

I like to take the kids to the pool on the weekends, and this weekend we met up with a friend and her little girl.  It was more fun to have someone else to play with and talk to.  My favorite part is when we are getting ready to go to the pool.  Both kids, Adlyn in particular, call their swimsuit a swim-swim-soup.  It makes me chuckle.

I’m glad there isn’t a bad mom police out in the world.  Why?  Because once they put their suit on at the house, they don’t want to wear clothes over the top.  Therefore, they ride in the stroller (yes, it has a cover) from our house to the pool, even in the winter, with hardly any clothes on.  I can manage to get a hat on them, but that is it.  No shoes, no coat, no pants, no shirt.  Just a swim-swim-soup and a hat.  Luckily, they allow me to spread the towel on their lap.  Once we are done swimming, it is about the same.  They just like to be wrapped in a towel with their hat on and placed in the stroller.

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