Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July - Looking Back

I ran the local 4th of July half marathon last week.  It was a nice and challenging run, just as I had expected.  It is the 6th time I've done that race.  Here are some pictures from the 4th of July in years past.  I ran alone this year.  The kids are about 70 lbs combined, and it is just too heavy to push for 13.1 miles.  Instead, Zach and the kids watched from the side.

It was a quiet 4th of July since they banned fireworks in the area.  The risk for fire was too high, and it made for a quiet day!

2009 - 6 months old
A&B complete the race!
2010 - 1 1/2 years old
A&B complete the race!

2011 - 2 1/2 years old
Zach pushes the kids until mile 8.

2012 - 3 1/2 years old
A&B watch the race this year.

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