Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Adlyn, a Goof

Adlyn is turning into a big kid.  Her personality is really developing, and I think she is a goofball and loves to make people laugh.  The other day I told her she was being dramatic (she was!) and she threw her body across my lap and proclaimed, "I'm not dramatic."  Ok, you're just plain.  She prefers to be plain.

Tonight, she came and told me she went to the bathroom standing up on the step stool.  Really?  That didn't work out too well.  I hope she doesn't try that again.  Maybe she is spending too much time with the boys in the house.

This weekend, Zach and Grandpa left the driveway to scout antelope.  They had the windows down and she yelled out, "Have fun boys!" 

About two weeks ago, she was enjoying the Slip 'n Slide at Grandma's house.  Before she would start running down the mat, she did about 30 seconds of actions to get ready to run.  They included stretching, dancing, hand gestures, and much more.  It looked like a post-touchdown football celebration. 

I keep thinking that this is how she is going to act when she is an 8 year old. 

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