Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brooks as a Teacher

This morning, Adlyn was trying to snap on a suspender dress on her stuffed kitty.  She was having a hard time getting it to work.  It was fun to observe the following situation!

Brooks:  I know how to do it, I can help you!
Adlyn:  Ok.
Brooks:  See, you just put one finger on top of the snap, and the other finger on the bottom of the snap, and press them together.  If you hear the snap, then you know you got it.
Adlyn:  Ok.
(Adlyn tries to snap the other strap, and is still having a hard time.)
Adlyn:  Ugh, I can't do this.
Brooks:  Its ok, just keep trying.
(Adlyn keeps trying.)
Adlyn:  I got it!
Brooks:  Great work!

He was such a great helper, and it was neat to see them interact in this way.  Adlyn really appreciated his help.

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