Sunday, May 19, 2013

Raining Cats and Dogs

Last night, Adlyn and I ventured into the rain to pick up a graduation card.  As I was card shopping at the grocery store, she was looking at all the stuffed animals - primarily these dogs with unusually large eyes that I find not-so-cute.  She loved them.  She put them away when we were done, and I told her that I'm sure she could see them the next time.

Tonight we were back at the store, in the rain, and she wanted to visit the dogs.  Once we got to the gift area, she said, "I told you so!"  She was right, there were only two dogs left, and neither of them were the colors of the ones she was playing with the night before.  I wouldn't have guessed the store could sell one of those, let alone the whole shelf!  Maybe a bunch of graduates received stuffed dogs as presents?  It hadn't even been 24 hours!

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