Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We have spent a few days at the pool grandma's town this month.  It is a great pool for kids.  Brooks really loves the water, and wants to learn to swim.  I can see he has that strong desire.  Too bad we can't work swimming lessons into their schedule until summer!  Adlyn was timid the first few times, but she is gaining some confidence in the pool.  She was practicing using the kick board and kicking her feet with her arms forward.  I think she wants to figure out how to swim in her own so she doesn't  have to take swimming lessons!


This month, we enjoyed a great day trip to SLC to visit the zoo and the children's discovery museum with grandma.  The zoo was very boring.  The polar bear wasn't even out!  The elephants did come outside to eat, and the tiger was out.  We could see the giraffes inside, but it was a very quiet day.  After a yummy lunch, we headed to the museum.  It was very busy, and a great place to go in the winter.  We stayed there for about four hours, until they closed.  The kids were busy the entire time.  Adlyn loved playing with the stuffed chickens.  Brooks loved the construction/building area.

I'm glad we took the day to do something different.  The kids slept the whole way home!  I'm looking forward to another outing to SLC this spring.

Going to School

I was so proud of Brooks for going to school by himself while Adlyn was sick on Friday and Monday.  At first he didn't want to go, but after a pep talk, he went.  After he came home on Friday, he asked if Adlyn was feeling better.  We told him no, but she is sleeping.  He said that he was going to check on her.  It was pretty cute to see him have so much care and concern for her.  Adlyn didn't want Brooks to go to school because she wouldn't be there to play with him.

Either way, I'm glad he went to school on his own.


Tonight, Brooks asked me how I cook pears.  I told him that I don't cook pears, you just eat them.  Then, I realized he was confused.  I told him that pears grow on trees, like apples, and he thought that was funny.  He asked me if the guys who work at the grocery store drive a truck to the apple orchard, (pause) pear patch to pick them and bring them back to the store.  Yes, that sounds pretty close to what happens.  At least he knows that they grow on a tree!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fly Guy

Our kids really like the Fly Guy books. 

We read There's a Fly Guy in my Soup tonight.  Fly Guy and Buzz take a trip and get to stay at a hotel.  It is a funny book.  I asked Brooks and Adlyn what they like the most about staying at a motel.  I wasn't surprised by their answers!

Brooks:  "The comfy room."
Adlyn:  "Going downstairs to eat breakfast."

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year!

Not one person in our household lasted until midnight.  But, the kids had a lot of fun making clock cookies.  There only reference to New Year's was from a show they watch called Max and Ruby.  They celebrate by making clock cookies and drinking punch. 

Since our town didn't allow fireworks on the 4th of July, they let people shoot them off on New Year's Eve.  It may have been nice to sit on the back deck to watch, but it was soooo cold that evening.  We could only stand out there for about two minutes before we were frozen. 

The kids watched the movie "Cars" for the first time that evening.  It was fun to sit down and watch it with them.  The last time I watched that movie was when I was on bed rest with the kiddos in the middle of the night.  Since all I could do was lay around, I couldn't sleep when it was night time!  I think I watched that movie at 2 or 3 AM to keep me entertained. 

I think this is A&B's first full-length Disney DVD movie that they have ever watched.  Zach and I enjoyed "Starsky and Hutch" after A&B went to bed.  It was an enjoyable evening and we made super nachos for dinner.

A Good Start to the Year

I was home for lunch the other day and heard Adlyn dancing and singing in the other room.  I thought I heard her words, but I didn't think it was correct.  So, a few minutes later I asked her, "What were you singing?"  I was correct!  She was dancing and singing, "I love my brother.  I love my brother." 

Now that is what I like to hear!  I think it will be a good year.

First Song

Adlyn sang us her very first song a few weeks ago - Jingle Bells.  I was very proud of her!  I think she was very happy about it as well.  Brooks likes to join in with her, but he hasn't done the song all by himself, yet.