Monday, June 4, 2012

Rocket Ship

A trip to the park isn't just a simple trip to the park.  It is an adventure.  We get to ride our mo-mocycles and scooters (bikes), or trikes to the park.  We get to go down the hill from the house really fast, but we know to stop at the big red stop sign.  Brooks always checks for cars backing out of driveways so Adlyn doesn't have to.  Life is good.  We look both ways before we cross the street, and we know just where to maneuver our bikes and trikes to find the path of least resistance.  If we go on the sidewalk about 10 feet from the corner, we avoid the steep curb.  We always look out for manhole covers in the street because they make for a great bump!

As we go to pool park, we go through the alley.  Sometimes we'll stop for a quick game of concession stand at the steps near the building.  It is the perfect spot to ask Mom and Dad what kind of treat they want and deny their request because we are out of stock.  And, nothing is free.  It is a great way to make a quick buck.  They pay us fake money, even if we don't have Mom's favorite item - gummy worms. 

Near the park there is a long wooden ramp that we ride down like race cars.  Now, we always hold on with two hands.  Brooks crashed his race car one day when he tried to wave to Mom.  Lesson learned.  One at a time, we race down the track once the flag is waved.

When we enter the park, we find the perfect spot to park our mo-mocycle, scooter, or trike.  Mom and Dad help us unbuckle our helmet but we can hang them on our mode-of-transportation by ourselves.  Now, the real fun begins.  What should we do first?  Perhaps we'll ride rocket ships, but Brooks says, "Maybe not." 

Ok, we'll go make popcorn on the suspended bridge on the playground.  Mom dumps in the oil, pours in the corn, and plugs it in.  Brooks & Adlyn pop the corn by jumping up and down.  Don't worry, we'll let you know when it is done.  Then, remember to lift us off the bridge and pour us into a bowl.  After we make our snack, we'll fix the leaky pipes in the basement.  We head over cut-out in the playground and climb down the man-hole ladder.  On our way down, we'll check for leaky pipes and fix anything along the way.  Mom, we'll bring your laundry up from the basement as we climb up.  You can thank us for that.

As we head to the slides, we might play trains.  Or, it is possible that we will need you to make a gate about half-way down the slide.  We'll remind you the sign says, "No trespassing," and laugh as we break through the gate or slide underneath your arm.  Trespassing may be a big word, but we know how to say it.

Are you ready for rocket ships?  If so, lets head over to the swings.  Brooks has his landing gear up, so he is ready to blast-off.  Adlyn counts, "1, 2, 9, 6, 7, 8, 9, blastoff!"  Don't swing her until she says blast-off, or she'll get really mad.  This rocket ship has protocol to follow.  Our rocket ships have a lot of fire, so make sure you don't stand directly behind us, or you'll get burned.  If we run out of fire, we know exactly where to go to find it, and how to install it into the rocketship.  Adlyn wears a pink space suit.  Mom and Dad, make sure you push us the same height.  If one of us loses elevation, we'll gladly let you know.  These rocket ships are serious business.  Send us to the clouds or to the moon.  Brooks will tell you when his landing gear is coming down, so slow him down at that time.  

Mom and Dad tell us when it is time to go, so once we get our helmets on, we play a little game of tow truck.  The court has a pothole, and someone is bound to get stuck.  As Brooks is stuck, Adlyn turns into a tow truck.  But, she isn't in a hurry to get Brooks out.  She might swing by the spinning planets to grab a bite to eat, and then she'll head over to help.  She pulls him out, and the roles reverse. 

Now, it is time to go home.  The ride home is fun, especially when we have our trikes and can play bumper cars the whole way home.  But, I may be a little tired from all of my adventures, so it is possible you'll need to carry me, my mo-mocycle, and my helmet, uphill.  Hopefully, my sibling doesn't have the same request.  Sometimes, I wish my Mom was an octopus. 

When we get home, a cup of milk and an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse will suit us just fine.

Thanks!  We'll see you on the next adventure.

Brooks & Adlyn

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