Thursday, June 28, 2012


I took the kids to the grocery store with me one night this week.  The kids were helping me unload the cart of groceries on the conveyor belt at the check-out line.  Adlyn grabbed a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce and you can probably guess what happened next...

There was a crash and the jar broke and the sauce went all over the floor.  The lady in front of me said Adlyn's face was in shock when she dropped it.  That lady was nice and even picked up the big pieces of glass.  Luckily, Adlyn didn't have a piece of glass or sauce on her.  I know Adlyn felt really bad about what she did.  Some of her first words to me were, "Mom, how me put sauce on my noodles?"  I grabbed another jar of sauce for us and told the kids someone would come to clean up the mess.  Brooks and Adlyn asked if the grocery store man would come to clean up the mess.  Then, they asked me if the sweeper broom man would come and clean the mess.  I assured them it was ok. 

During this whole event, I was sure the lady behind me could hear the commotion.  Evidently not.  Instead, when she stepped forward in line to place her items on the belt, she stepped in the sauce.  Great.  I gave her some paper towels to clean her sandal. 

Hopefully that won't happen again.

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