Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Preschool Begins

We started preschool today!  Here is a recap of our day.

4:50 AM - Anne is up for a morning workout.
7:00 AM - Anne is back from the gym.
7:02 AM - Adlyn wakes up on her own, perhaps she heard me open the back door?
7:05 AM - Brooks is up.
7:20 AM - Anne is ready for the morning.
7:21 AM - Adlyn doesn't want to get dressed, do her hair, or eat breakfast.  Brooks is already ready to go!  Adlyn doesn't want to go to school today and she isn't cooperating.
7:22 AM - Brooks decides to eat oatmeal AND and English muffin for breakfast.  Wow!  He never eats two things for breakfast.
7:23 AM - Adlyn insists it isn't fall time.  She has a point.  All summer I've been telling her that school starts in fall time, after summer is over.  She looked at the trees this morning, and the leaves aren't changing colors.  So, she doesn't think she needs to go to school.
7:45 AM - We manage to get out the door and in the car.  Adlyn is reluctant, but she goes along with it.
7:50 AM - We arrive at school, park the car, and begin our slow walk into the school.  They'd rather just play on the playground, but I reassure them that they'll have playtime a little later during school.  We enter the front door, and Adlyn says she is scared.  I hold her hand and we walk to the room.  Brooks is very happy and comfortable. 
8:00 AM - We get to the front door of their room and they don't want to go any further.  I walk in first and they slowly follow.  We find their hooks with their names, and hang their backpack.  Shortly after, they find some toys and off they go!
8:10 AM - I arrive at work, and not as late as I thought!
10:55 AM - I pull into the parking lot and I don't see them anywhere.  Great...are they inside because they were bad and didn't cooperate?  Phew!  I see them a little father away, at the swings.  Adlyn is pushing Brooks in the swing.  It is cute, and I love to see them play when they don't know I'm watching.  They spot me, run, and jump into my arms.  Could it get any better than this?!?!
11:00 AM - The kids grab their backpacks and the teacher gives me a quick update.  She tells me they did good today!  They participated, always a good sign.  She mentioned A&B had to stand next to each other in line.  Also, they wouldn't sit down in circle time until they found two spots next to each other.  They mostly play together.  That is what I expected.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall to observe their behavior. 
11:05 AM - We go to the grocery store to get a special drink - Gatorade.  Brooks picked green and Adlyn picked blue.  We sat outside and enjoyed their special treat, and headed to the babysitter's house. 
11:20 AM - We're at the sitter and Brooks and Adlyn want to show her their new crayon box name tag necklaces they made at school.  It was cute, and it was neat to see them be so proud of their work.

What a day!  We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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