Sunday, December 30, 2012

4 Year Old Checkups

A&B survived their four year old checkups.  With two kids, it seems like the annual checkups take a long time!  We were there for a full hour.  It was cute to see the kids read the eye chart in the hallway.  To my knowledge, they have never done this before.  It was cute to see them cover their eye and state what they could see.  Two nurses came in to check their temperature, ears, blood pressure, and more.  Adlyn said her favorite thing was getting her blood pressure checked.  They put a little cuff on her arm and she liked it when it squeezed her tight! 

Brooks hopped up on the table and laid down and waited until the doctor arrived.  Once again, he was so cooperative!  Adlyn went next.  We didn't need any shots that day, so it was a happy visit. 

After that hour, the doctor gave them a sucker and coupons to go out for an ice cream date (their favorite!).  What a great surprise for them. 

Brooks is a good two inches taller than Adlyn and they are both tall for their age.  I sure love my kiddos!

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