Sunday, December 30, 2012

Photo Shoot

In November, we did our first photo shoot with a photographer.  We visited Kelly Highby Sudduth Photography in Nebraska.  We couldn't have been more pleased! 

I was nervous about doing a photo shoot and getting the kids to cooperate.  Hence, I've avoided it for nearly four years.  After our photo shoot, Zach and I said we shouldn't have waited this long.  Zach and I were in complete shock.  Both kids cooperated beyond belief, and I've never seen them act that good in my life.  I was expecting Brooks to sit on the couch and not cooperate.  I figured we'd have a family picture of three of us, or all four of us with someone crying their head off. 

Brooks was a ham.  He was overly smiley and we had to try and get him to settle down!  Adlyn did very good and was as beautiful as ever!  She got to borrow some of Kelly's fancy headbands and pick them out.  They remained cooperative as we changed clothes and backgrounds.  Kelly was very, very good with our children, and I think the fact that she is a mom made all of the difference.  We will definitely be going back again in the future.  I'd like to get some outside shots the next time around.  Since we were here during the cold of winter, we did an inside shoot, and I was very pleased with our images.  The grandparents are all receiving some metal prints for Christmas and I can't wait to get them put up in our house. 

As we went to leave our photo shoot, Brooks extended his hand to Kelly.  They shook hands as she bent down.  Then, he gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Maybe he really liked her?  I'm not for sure, but whatever it was, it worked!  They each got a sucker for the road and they couldn't have been happier.  Great experience all around.

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