Monday, December 3, 2012

First Art Show

Brooks and Adlyn worked their first art show!  They put in a 9.5 hour day, and did very well - once we got past the first 30 minutes. 

They did very well, and kept entertained by eating, drinking, playing with their toys, watching movies and Snoopy Dog, and going to the bathroom several dozen times to get a change in scenery.  I was happy to see them be so cooperative.  They saw a lot of their school friends throughout the day.

Adlyn ate lunch there, twice.  I guess she liked the broccoli cheese soup.  Brooks was content with saltine crackers.

I'm glad to know that this worked out fairly well, and we look forward to taking them to the next art show.

Since they were so good, we ordered pizza and they enjoyed their ice cream we had in the freezer.  What a great day!

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