Sunday, December 30, 2012

4 Year Old Checkups

A&B survived their four year old checkups.  With two kids, it seems like the annual checkups take a long time!  We were there for a full hour.  It was cute to see the kids read the eye chart in the hallway.  To my knowledge, they have never done this before.  It was cute to see them cover their eye and state what they could see.  Two nurses came in to check their temperature, ears, blood pressure, and more.  Adlyn said her favorite thing was getting her blood pressure checked.  They put a little cuff on her arm and she liked it when it squeezed her tight! 

Brooks hopped up on the table and laid down and waited until the doctor arrived.  Once again, he was so cooperative!  Adlyn went next.  We didn't need any shots that day, so it was a happy visit. 

After that hour, the doctor gave them a sucker and coupons to go out for an ice cream date (their favorite!).  What a great surprise for them. 

Brooks is a good two inches taller than Adlyn and they are both tall for their age.  I sure love my kiddos!

Photo Shoot

In November, we did our first photo shoot with a photographer.  We visited Kelly Highby Sudduth Photography in Nebraska.  We couldn't have been more pleased! 

I was nervous about doing a photo shoot and getting the kids to cooperate.  Hence, I've avoided it for nearly four years.  After our photo shoot, Zach and I said we shouldn't have waited this long.  Zach and I were in complete shock.  Both kids cooperated beyond belief, and I've never seen them act that good in my life.  I was expecting Brooks to sit on the couch and not cooperate.  I figured we'd have a family picture of three of us, or all four of us with someone crying their head off. 

Brooks was a ham.  He was overly smiley and we had to try and get him to settle down!  Adlyn did very good and was as beautiful as ever!  She got to borrow some of Kelly's fancy headbands and pick them out.  They remained cooperative as we changed clothes and backgrounds.  Kelly was very, very good with our children, and I think the fact that she is a mom made all of the difference.  We will definitely be going back again in the future.  I'd like to get some outside shots the next time around.  Since we were here during the cold of winter, we did an inside shoot, and I was very pleased with our images.  The grandparents are all receiving some metal prints for Christmas and I can't wait to get them put up in our house. 

As we went to leave our photo shoot, Brooks extended his hand to Kelly.  They shook hands as she bent down.  Then, he gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Maybe he really liked her?  I'm not for sure, but whatever it was, it worked!  They each got a sucker for the road and they couldn't have been happier.  Great experience all around.


I don't encourage the whole Santa thing.  It seems weird to go along with a complete lie to your kids.  I'd like for them to understand the true meaning of Christmas.

Whatever the kids believe with Santa is fine, but I'm not going to feed into it or use it as a bribe to get them to behave before Christmas. 

With that being said, this month I was driving downtown with the kids, and out of the blue, Brooks said, "Santa is just someone's dad dressed up."  I'm not for sure where he heard it, but it made me laugh.  He is a deep thinker, so I know he put some thought into that one!

After church this month, we stayed for a pot luck dinner and Saint Nicholas came to visit after dinner.  This was not Santa, it was a very traditional Saint Nicholas that looks religious, and doesn't have a white beard, wear red, or have a Santa hat.  Saint Nicholas was a large, beastly man (that description has been taken from Christmas Vacation) with a gray beard and a Vatican looking hat.  All of the other kids ran over to see Saint Nicholas.  My kids were content just sitting at the table and chowing down on their ham.  They watched from afar.  Brooks turned to me and said, "Is that my Uncle?"  I was completely lost as to where he was going with this question.  I asked for clarification.  Brooks responded, "My uncle, the one with one eye."  Oh, ok.  He was thinking of Cecil.  He said it looked just like Cecil, except he knew Cecil didn't have a gray beard.  I had to agree with him, it did look like him! 

Overall, I've concluded that Brooks knows it is just some guy dressed up to look like someone else!

Christmas Program

Earlier this month, A&B had their very first Christmas Program.  I have to admit, I wasn't looking forward to it.  Really, a Christmas Program when they are three years old?  I thought I could get away with it at least until they were in Kindergarten.  In my book, there are a few things that are miserable to sit through.  These things would include music programs and girls basketball games.

In regards to music programs, I think music teachers would be better off to only focus on one song with the class, and do it really well.  This would be better than trying to have them perform five songs that all turn out mediocre.  I'm not just talking about preschool here, I'm talking about elementary, junior high, and high school.  My thoughts include both choir and band.  I think I'm ok to say this since I actually was in music as a kid.  Trust me, I was in the group and I couldn't stand to hear it either.  Why should we make an entire audience suffer through it?  I hope I'm not being too harsh.

In regards to girls basketball games, it usually can't get much worse.  Once again, I played girls basketball, and it isn't pretty.  It is rarely a team of five girls.  I think it consists of a team of four and one point guard who thinks she is queen bee and should be playing on the men's team because she is so good.  Trust me, that person usually isn't good at all, and only confirms her own belief of being good because that is what she has been told her entire life by coaches and parents.  Being from a small town, talent is far and few between.  Even if someone in your school is considered talented in basketball, they usually aren't.  If you put them with the big fish from big schools, they wouldn't make the C team.  (And I've spent many a games on the C team.)  One more thing to vent while I'm on it...the post players run 2x as far as the point guard, or more - why hasn't anyone figured this out?  Since I was tall, this was the position I played.  Let me explain...the rest of the team runs to the other end of the court while the point guard casually walks and dribbles to the three point line because they have a full 10 seconds to get across the court before the whistle blows.  Since the point guard is so awesome, she takes an immediate shot behind the three point line and misses.  The other team rebounds and the posts run all the way to the other end of the court.  Repeat. 

So, there you have it.  I was dreading the Christmas Program.  We got the kids to the school on that Friday night and tried to drop them off at the choir room.  It was full of buzzing kids and overwhelming.  After 15 minutes, and kids finally stayed and didn't try to escape the room.  My expectations were low - if A&B made it on stage, I would be very happy and proud of them.  I didn't expect them to sing.  Even though they had practiced their songs all semester at school, I didn't know what they were and not once did they sing their songs as home.  They have never said the words to an entire kid song in their life, so I didn't expect it to be different today.  Since their preschool was the largest, they went last.  So, we watched about six other preschools/daycares do their songs, and then our kids came on stage.  It was funny to hear the people behind us say, "There are those twins, they are right next to each other, wearing gray."  We turned around and said, "They are ours."  It was kind of funny.  Brooks and Adlyn made it on stage, but I knew they didn't want to be there.  Adlyn basically hid behind Brooks.  They kept searching for us in the massive audience.  Adlyn eventually spotted us, and towards the end, Brooks spotted us as well.  They didn't really sing, and they did some of the hand motions on a microscopic level.  I was proud of them.  Good work A&B!  Eventually they were done and we grabbed them as they hopped off the stage.  We survived.  We ate some cookies in the lobby and Brooks actually had some interest in seeing Santa. 

The day was done, and I realized, this is just the first of many music programs over the next 15 years.  We captured some video, and I'm sure they would love to see it when they are older. 

Good Comeback Mr. B

Brooks is as smart as a whip.

Yesterday morning, they were sitting on the couch with me as I typed our Christmas (New Year's) letter.  I yelled to Zach who was downstairs in the basement, "Zach, can you come up and read this?"

Brooks responds in a matter of a second, "Why, because you don't know how to read?"

What a stinker!  He knew he was being funny.  Adlyn copied his phrase since she thought it was funny as well.  How does he think of that?  I don't think I could come up with that!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tree Skirt

I finished sewing our tree skirt over Thanksgiving break.  I really like how it turned out!  It is reverisble, and I think it will last for many years.

Halloween Costumes

Here is a picture of A&B in their mushroom costumes while they were out trick-or-treating.  I realized that I didn't get any pictures posted from Halloween. 

The kids had just as much fun handing out candy as they did getting candy.  Brooks was making some kids so 'mouse' before he would hand them any candy.  Luckily, most kids went along with it.  They also went out to the sidewalk to tell people on the other side of the street to come to our house for candy.  The kids had a blast at the house helping with the candy.

Monday, December 3, 2012

First Art Show

Brooks and Adlyn worked their first art show!  They put in a 9.5 hour day, and did very well - once we got past the first 30 minutes. 

They did very well, and kept entertained by eating, drinking, playing with their toys, watching movies and Snoopy Dog, and going to the bathroom several dozen times to get a change in scenery.  I was happy to see them be so cooperative.  They saw a lot of their school friends throughout the day.

Adlyn ate lunch there, twice.  I guess she liked the broccoli cheese soup.  Brooks was content with saltine crackers.

I'm glad to know that this worked out fairly well, and we look forward to taking them to the next art show.

Since they were so good, we ordered pizza and they enjoyed their ice cream we had in the freezer.  What a great day!


I have no idea where Brooks came up with this concept...

When Brooks was in bed last night, he asked for a snack.  I brought him some peanuts.  He informed me, "My helpers in my tummy have a sign up that says No Peanuts Allowed."  Then, he gestured putting a new sign in his mouth.  He 'swallowed' it and said, "Put in a new sign.  Now helpers have a sign that says Just Pears."  Ok...

So, I went to the kitchen to cut his pear.  I returned to find a kid fast asleep, and too tired to even talk or open his eyes to eat his pear.


During our art show setup this weekend, the kids were enjoying being 'big'.  While Zach and I were working, Adlyn said, "Brooksie, lets go for a walk!"  It was neat to see her be assertive and have Brooks follow her.  They liked walking around - just far enough to be out of sight, and then come back.  I really think they are good friends, and enjoy spending time together. 


Yesterday, the kids spent the entire day at the art show with Zach and I.  Brooks had been watching people get massages throughout the day at a booth located in our area.

With 30 minutes of the show to go, Brooks told me that he had been working hard all day, and that he needed a massage.  I started to rub his back and he stopped me.  He wanted a massage from the lady on her comfortable chair.  I informed him that I could give him a massage for free.  So, he leaned over my lap and enjoyed a 10 minute massage for free, and I saved myself $10.  Adlyn also helped massage Brooks, and enjoyed a short one herself.