Sunday, March 17, 2013

Going to School

Here are just some random pictures from this month when the kids were going to school.  I just thought they both looked so grown up!  I think Adlyn looks like she is about 12!

There really isn't anything little about four years old.  The best part is they are enjoying buckling themselves into their car seats.  It can't get much better than that.  What a time saver!

Not to mention, the responsibility that comes with being four has been wonderful.  The other day, their toy room was a disaster when I came home from work.  I told them we needed to clean it up.  Brooks said he would clean up all of the cars because he was the one who dumped them up so he should clean that part, with no help.  I won't argue with that.  Adlyn followed by saying she would clean all of the Little People animals since she played with them.  Bus load by bus load, she filled it up with animals and drove them to the proper container.  Age four has been a lot of fun thus far.

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