Friday, March 15, 2013


The past two weeks the kids have come along with me to the track so I can do my workout.  The first time I took them the track was mostly covered in snow.  Obviously, no one scoops it in the winter!  A&B both made it around one time and kept entertained while I finished my workout. 

This week, both Zach and the kids came along.  I loved it!  They ran a lap at the beginning and I think ran a total of a half mile during the course of my workout.  It was cute to see Brooks with red cheeks, he looked just like he did in a photo when he was a baby wearing his M&M costume on Halloween!  Both Brooks and Adlyn enjoyed getting their exercise, and I'm looking forward to taking them again in the future. 

Brooks said on Monday during recess at school that he ran around the outskirts of the playground to get his exercise while he chased Adlyn.  It is cute to see them get older and older each day.  Each stage brings new things, and I really enjoy this stage!

The kids have gone for a bike ride for the past three days on their pedal bikes.  They have done great.  I had to loosen both of their helmets one notch after the winter season!  So, they are growing!  I hope that tomorrow we can raise their seats a little bit more. 

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