Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

The kids have been learning about leprechauns at school this week.  According to Adlyn, on Wednesday, the leprechauns turned their school milk green while they were at the library.  How cute!  I asked her if she drank it, she informed me that she only drinks white milk.  Brooks refuses to drink any milk, so I didn't even ask him. 

They got to go on a scavenger hunt on Friday in their school to look for leprechauns.  Sounds like they had a great time.

I took the kids to school on Thursday, and most kids had brought a leprechaun trap to school.  Brooks and Adlyn each made one and brought it to school on Friday.  Their inventions were creative, and they did it on their own.  Most of the preschool traps were pretty elaborate, and had a lot of help from moms and dads.  Adlyn took a small cardboard box and requested help to cut a whole in the bottom of it.  Then, with pieces of masking tape, she covered the whole on the outside.  Now, when the leprechaun would hop in, it would get stuck to the sticky floor and would be trapped!  Brooks used a triangular tube box.  He made a little window for the leprechaun to climb in.  Then, he sealed off the ends with masking tape.  Then, when he would get it, he'd run to the end to get out and get stuck to the tape.  They used a gold coin, bubble gum, and a candy cane for bait.  They had a lot of fun with the project!

The kids didn't want green pancakes for breakfast today, so we made some green and white sugar cookies instead. 

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