Monday, October 29, 2012


This year, A&B are going to be mushrooms for Halloween.  Yep, mushrooms.  I'm pretty sure that I have never noticed a kid (or an adult) wearing a mushroom costume before.  Brooks spied a mushroom costume in a Parent/Child magazine a few weeks ago, and decided that is what he wanted to be.  Once I started making his mushroom hat, Adlyn wanted to be one as well.  So, we have two mushrooms in the house.  I made it out of cardboard, and cream colored scrap fabric.  I stuffed it with newspaper and plastic grocery hats.  I sewed a cover on the top - Brooks picked green and Adlyn picked purple.  I just need to finish sewing the spots on the mushroom top and stitch on an elastic strap.  Ta dah!  Done! (well, tomorrow it will be done)

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