Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Turtlenecks and Tights

Does anyone really like turtlenecks? 

As a kid, I despised them.  I couldn't stand them.  Really, who likes something tight around their neck?  I prefer to not feel like I'm being choked over the course of a day.  I remember being in first or second grade, and specifically telling my mom that I'm not going to wear turtlenecks.  Don't try to put it on me.  I'm stubborn, and I won't wear it.

Therefore, I don't want to make Adlyn wear a turtleneck.  Trust me, I know what it is like.  So, she happened to have a black turtleneck in her drawer (hand-me-down, or, as I say, handy-down) and I thought it would go with the pink vest she was planning to wear today.  I didn't feed my dislike of turtlenecks to her, and I just acted like it was any other shirt.  Guess what, I put it on her and within seconds, she wanted it off.  I had to smile inside.  Adlyn really is a little 'me'.  I see myself in her more and more as she gets older.  She's stubborn, and a little bit silly.  I took off the black turtleneck and gladly put it in the pile to send back to my sister.  I've kept it in her drawer, thinking it could be part of a Halloween costume or something, but, I don't have to worry about that!

Now, about those tights.  The sock-like tights are fine, but the tights that are like pantyhose...those are in the same category as turtlenecks.  I will never dress her in tights.  Even as I baby, I refused to make her wear tights under her Christmas dress, etc.  Adlyn, you can know that I'll never make you put up with those things.  Really, who wants to wear something on their entire legs that is itchy?  Adlyn, trust me, I'm looking out for your best interest. 

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