Monday, October 29, 2012

Winter Hats

Another Photo of A&B's Hats

These may not be the best pictures, but I wanted to show you a photo of the hats that I made this month for A&B.  I thought they turned out pretty cute!  Both of them feature fleece on the bottom half, and a fuzzy mink on the top half.  Then, there is a tassel made out of coordinating fleece.  I made long ear flaps to keep them extra warm, and finished it with braided tassels.  I lined the hats with material from an old t-shirt.  In the past, I've lined the hats with fleece, but it always seems to make their hair full of static.  I lined Adlyn's hat with a yellow t-shirt, and for Brooks, I used a grey t-shirt.  I gave this thought a whirl and it seems to be effective in solving the static problem.  They really like their warm hats, and I like knowing that I made them all by myself. 

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