Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The twins have always been good eaters.  I'm the parent who would never let them have anything sweet.  You'd be surprised how many times people offer them candy, cookies, suckers, pop, etc., before they are even big enough to walk.  People look at you funny when you say, "No, they can't have that."  Zach and I have stood our ground on this topic fairly well.  I will say that I have relaxed just a little since they have turned two.

I try to keep healthy options available for Brooks and Adlyn to snack on.  One of their favorites is blueberries.  If we don't have fresh blueberries in the fridge, they can typically find frozen ones in the freezer.  They are now expressing interest in things flavored blueberry - such as yogurt.  Adlyn has always liked eating yogurt for breakfast, and Brooks wouldn't touch the stuff.  Then, one day I bought some blueberry yogurt and he saw the picture of blueberries on the label, tried it, and loved it!

Do you know what I find funny about their interest in blueberries?  They both call them boo-bies.

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  1. I'm with you on this one, Anne. I have always been careful about what I give the kids to eat, especially as babies and toddlers. (I have less control now over the older ones!) I'm surprised how many people put pop in the sippy cups, and give things like cookies and candy to babies!

    I guess you'll have to be careful who they go asking for blueberries, until they can pronounce it correctly! :) Very cute!