Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is Near

It has been so refreshing to see the snow melt.  I like winter, but this year I am really looking forward to spring.  We've been enjoying lots of walks outside in the past week.  Brooks and Adlyn both like to ride in the stroller, although Brooks likes to help push it until we get to the busy street.  At the stop sign, he hops in without a battle. 

Brooks and Adlyn like to go for a walk to the "wah-wee" or the "wah-why".  That would be code word for "water".  They used to say water...but now prefer their newly invented phrase.  They like to go for a walk to the river to see the "quack, quack".  They won't say duck!  We have noticed so many deer.  They are everywhere around town.  Seeing the horses is also an exciting part of their walk. 

Today we decided to stop and let them play at the park.  We haven't played at the park since last fall, and they were truly happy.  They were running everywhere.  I was amazed at how much they have grown since last fall.  They didn't need help to go down the slide, and can reach things they couldn't reach before, and they enjoyed the park in a whole new way.  It made me smile to see them so happy and joyful.  They could care less that it was getting cold outside and the sun was going down.  They were just having fun.

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