Sunday, March 27, 2011

Royal Flush

I was making the kids breakfast today, and I heard some giggling coming from the bathroom.  This can't be a good sign.  I stopped what I was doing to take a peek.  Great, my Cabbage Patch Doll is in the toilet.  Two thoughts went through my head, I can either get mad at them, or get the camera.  I opted for the second.  Kids...sometimes you have to punish them, sometimes it is okay to just laugh.

A little background about the Cabbage Patch Doll...  As a youngster, I never had one.  We had the impostor Cabbage Patch Kids that mom's must buy a kit for at the local craft store and make.  They worked just fine, but it wasn't the real thing.  When I was the age of 12 or so, Grandma started letting us pick out our own Christmas presents since we were getting too hard to shop for.  She would give us $20 and then we were to go to Ogallala to find something for her to wrap.  Sounded like a brilliant idea to me!  Mom took me to Alco one day and I knew just what I was going to get - a real Cabbage Patch Doll.  Trust me, I was way past the age of playing with dolls at that time, but it was something I was going to put on the shelf.  I sent in the adoption papers that came with it, and I think I named it Annabelle or something like that.  As a kid, it was one of the best Christmas presents!

Someday, I would give this very special doll to my kid to play with. Well, that day came several months ago when my mom came to visit and brought a box of stuff, which included the doll - probably trying to empty out my room at the house.  I figured I mine as well let Adlyn play with it.  The clothes on the doll didn't last long, they preferred to take them off.  Good thing - as it took a trip to the potty today.  Luckily it was big enough so it didn't plug up toilet.  So much for my special doll that I gave to my must be loved.

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