Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog where I will be recording stories of mishaps, mayhem, and merriment of our experiences raising twins.  In case you are wondering, "Why are you writing this blog?", I have one simple answer.  A story too funny to not record happened in January this year, and it made me realize that I need to record what is happening before I forget.  Plus, I really want to share our experiences with others for their enjoyment, and be able to have a place for the twins to read their stories someday when they are teenagers or decide to get married.

A little history to bring you up to date...
I met my husband while at college in the Cornhusker state of Nebraska, got married, and we later moved to his home state of Wyoming to enjoy the beauty and mountains.  We love it here and decided to start a family.  I still remember going to our first doctor's appointment where we found out we were having twins.  Our nurse said at the end of the appointment, "You guys handled that news really well, most couples walk out mad at each other after hearing they are having twins."  We were excited, nervous, and really didn't know what we were getting in to.  Now I can fully understand why a couple might walk out of that initial appointment mad at each other, especially if they already have one child at home and know better than first-time parents.  The pregnancy was progressing well despite a few bumps in the road, and I quite honestly was expecting a full-term delivery in February 2009.  They were due on Super Bowl weekend and I had visions of being in labor at the local hospital and watching the game.  We didn't have television at the time, so for me, it sounded like a great solution to find a place to watch the game!  My plan was to get everything ready over Christmas Break 2008, which would include washing clothes, blankets, putting the crib together, etc.  Little did I know that God had a different plan...  Our doctor called Flight-for-Life in Denver to come and get us on a Friday afternoon in early December and they were born via emergency C-section early Sunday morning.  We were blessed with a boy we named Brooks and a little girl named Adlyn.  Despite being two months early and being on the small side, they did thrive quite well.  We spent Christmas, New Year's, and several more days in the NICU.  Five weeks after they were born, we got the news they were ready to go home.  We made the normally 6 hour drive home, which took more like 12 hours!  We were new parents, it was our first time taking care of them on our own, and add a long car drive and you can imagine the time it took.  Brooks baptized the truck for us that day while we tried to change his diaper near Muddy Gap.

Time was a blur until they slept through the night at 4 months old.  Raising infant twins is a whole blog in itself, except no one would be able to write it in real-time.  Flash forward to 10 months and they both started crawling on the same day, just a few hours apart from one another.  Brooks started walking a few weeks after his birthday, and Adlyn a few months after that.  Before you know it, they turned two years old in December 2010, and then I decided in January that I really have to start writing a blog.

March is now here and I am going to have to back-track on a few stories to get caught up, and then I plan to make regular posts from here on out.

Sit back and enjoy - I hope you can put a smile on your face by reading a few of our stories at the end of your long day.  Please note...we love Brooks and Adlyn very much, and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.  No matter how many mishaps and how much mayhem takes place, it is worth every second of merriment we have experienced.

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