Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

I usually come home for lunch during my workday excited to see Brooks and Adlyn.  But, there are some days that you walk into the door and you wish you could just turn around and go back to work.  Earlier this year I had one of those days.

I walked into the front door and noticed an empty milk jug sitting in the front room.  It did seem a little strange as we always put empty milk jugs at the back door.  Then, whoever is going outside puts the recyclables in the bins by the deck.  I passed off the situation as a misplaced milk jug.  Brooks and Adlyn consume about one gallon of milk per day.  We should just open up a dairy farm. 

During my lunch hour I pick up the scattered toys and get the house back in order.  Towards the end of my hour, I was putting some items away and I noticed my sock was all wet.  That's strange.  I looked down to see a large puddle, probably two feet by three feet in size.  Hmmm...  Then, I notice a red milk cap on the floor.  I quickly put it all together.  Brooks and Adlyn got into the fridge, took the gallon of milk to the front room, and dumped it on the carpet.  I'm not for sure what time it happened that morning, but obviously Zach wasn't keeping a close eye on them at the time.  Great - just what I want to deal with - cleaning up a puddle of milk on the already white carpet.  We soaked up as much as we could.  We sprayed it with Resolve carpet cleaner.  We soaked up more milk.  It was horrible.  I know the milk jug was at least 3/4 full that morning before I went to work. 

A few days after the initial incident, they did it again.  They dumped about a half full jug of milk on the front carpet while under Zach's supervision.  Obviously they didn't learn the first time.  Needless to say, despite our cleaning efforts, I could still smell milk for several weeks when I walked in the front door.  The carpet now has a nice crunchy texture in the milk locations. 

Zach's mom was up last week to visit and brought her carpet shampooer.  Zach shampooed the front room, and the water it collected looked more like milk than anything.  He went over the two milk areas twice that day.  I'm must happy I don't smell milk anymore!

Tonight I got home from work and Zach told me the news...they have done it a third time.  I really do want to cry over spilt milk.

I think I will Google 'fridge lock' to see what I can come up with.


  1. Love this story!!!! I can relate!

  2. They make fabulous locks for the fridge. My 2 year old has decided that she has to get her own milk too. As long as you put it up where they can't reach the lock it should work well. Good luck and i really enjoy hearing your stories.

  3. I googled cleaning milk out of carpets and everything was pointing towards vinegar. I tried that this afternoon, and we'll see how it turns out tomorrow!