Saturday, April 9, 2011

Copy Cat

I'm starting to hear an echo.  Brooks and Adlyn now know my common phrases, and it is scary to hear myself in them!

I first noticed it when they started to say "no, no".  Perhaps I am saying "no" too much!  Yikes!

Last weekend I yelled for Zach from another room.  Adlyn copies by saying "Yak".  She uses the same tone as me and everything.  Maybe I should just use the word Dad from now on. 

Since we've been working on potty training, I've been trying to get the kids to understand when I'm happy or mad.  So, if they make a mess, I will say, "Mommy is mad."  Or, when they do a good job, "Mommy is happy."  They must understand.  Now when I get flustered, they will say "mad" before I even realize it.  Both of them are watching my body language.  Or they say "happy" when I see them do something good.  I now realize they are watching and observing me at all times.

Adlyn is typically buddies with Mom, and Brooks is buddies with Dad.  At night time when we are ready to read our story, I'll call for Brooks from the top of the stairs and say, "Brooks, time to come up and read a story and drink your milk."  Adlyn also stands at the top of the stairs and says, "Brooks, Up, Milk."  She'll keep calling for him like that until he comes up.

It is fun to start hearing them talk.  We have two little copy cats running around the house.

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