Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter is Near

Earlier this week the kids and I were reading the newspaper.  Actually, it is more like I am trying to read the newspaper before Brooks and Adlyn start tearing it up.

I noticed something caught Adlyn's eye in the K-Mart ad.  She was looking at some kids in their Easter clothes, and one boy was wearing a neck tie.  She was trying to figure out what it was, and it made me realize, perhaps she didn't know.  It is not like Zach wears a tie very often, and I couldn't think of anything she could associate it with.  I went to the closet and grabbed a few of Zach's ties and had to have him help tie one for her.  She thought it was pretty neat to wear a tie!

It made me laugh because there was a little bunny in the ad next to the boy.  She liked looking at the bunny, and kept saying the word 'ride'.  Little Adlyn wanted to ride on that bunny! 

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