Friday, April 29, 2011


Brooks and Adlyn are very good helpers around the house.  They help unload the dishwasher, put away the groceries, clean and vacuum.  This weekend I had the vacuum upstairs and Brooks likes to push it around.  He can push the release button with his foot and lower the handle with ease.  We heard Brooks crying from the other room, the type of cry that you know means something hurts.  I go into the living room to see him standing by the vacuum, I’m looking around him trying to figure out what might be the problem.  Then, Zach and I realize his big toe is caught between the release button and the vacuum.  Ugh!  Just looking at the situation makes your stomach flip.  I’m not for sure how to get his toe out.  I fear moving the handle will make it hurt worse, and I didn’t want to pull it out.  We pushed the release button and freed his toe.  Poor guy!  It looked so painful!  Even though he was crying, he wanted to go right back to playing with the vacuum. 

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