Friday, April 29, 2011

New Milk

We always buy the same brand of milk.  On a weekly basis, we go to the store, and stock up on several gallons of milk.  They consume about a gallon of milk over the course of 36 hours.  We should just invest in a milk cow and tie it up in the backyard.

When we travel we always have a cooler with their drinks and snacks.  While traveling this month we picked up a gallon of milk at a gas station, a brand that was different from the norm.  I filled up their cups and gave them a drink.  Both of them looked at me in disgust and said, “Yucky.”  I thought by chance the gallon of milk was expired and spoiled, but I looked at the date and ruled that out.  I took a drink out of their cup and it did taste a little different, but not bad.  Brooks was very unhappy about the situation, and by this time in the trip, I had also run out of apple juice.  I put water in his cup which was ok, but it didn’t satisfy him completely. 

Once we got to our next destination we stopped and got a different gallon of milk.  I filled up his cup and I assured him it was new milk.  It took some prodding to encourage him to try it.  He continues to ask me for “new milk” and wants to make sure I'm not giving him the other kind from the gas station! 

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